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Next time he might not be so lucky and the People’s Front of Kayaclasch won’t get there in space to reverse the positrons’ spin.

I love Insector Spacetime, but I wasn’t really fond of this storyline. The reason I’m re-blogging this is we used to call a kid named Fred…we called him Derf. He was all about it too, so it wasn’t an insult. This brings back memories… thanks Inspector Spacetime!
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NBC and 'Community' Launching 'Inspector Spacetime' Web Series | i09



Turns out the question really is when.  4 awesome words say it all: Inspector Spacetime web series.

From i09:

Word out of the Gallifrey One Doctor Whoconvention is that there is going to be a web series of Community’s Who-parody showInspector Spacetime. It sounds like it won’t be Donald Glover and Danny Pudi in the starring roles, however. Travis Richey, who plays the Inspector on the show within a show will be producing six episodes. [bessyboo via Charlie Jane]

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Inspector Spacetime: The Day Of The Blorgons Poster
My follow up design to the almost overwhelmingly popular design for Inspector Spacetime. I just want to say thank you to everyone who has blogged, tweeted and gave me feedback on it. And also everyone who has bought it! Hope they make people happy this christmas :)
This poster is available on my Shop with Free Shipping anywhere in the world! Also they come in A3 and A2. So take your pick :)
If you order within the UK you might even get this in time for Christmas too.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Wow. Another good one… loved his first one.
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thought process:I want an Inspector Spacetime poster.I SHOULD MAKE ONE.

This is awesomeness.
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Permalink Loved this when I saw it about two days after the first episode involving Inspector Spacetime. Brilliant.
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I know I’m the only one that wants it, but I think Tom Waits would make a great Inspector. 

You are not the only one.